Per Aspera preview: potential to innovate the genre


Without looking redundant, but being, Per Aspera is an oasis in the middle of the desert. Produced by Argentine studio Tlön Industries and published by Raw Fury, the game brings a new language of what can be considered management.

Voxel had the opportunity to play a four-hour preview of Per Aspera. You could get a sense of several important points, which can change the way you play management games for good. Here we go?

Its main objective is to prepare Mars for the arrival of the first settlers. To start work on the planet, you command AMI artificial intelligence. Since I understand myself by man, the man tries to conquer his space on the Red Planet, which was named after the Roman god of war.

End of loneliness

So far, nothing more. Something already done in other games, such as Paradox’s Surviving Mars, which I barely managed to play for 15 minutes. In fact, have you ever wondered what most management games have in common? I answer for you: loneliness. The intention of games to make you think, never gave a deserved space for the narrative. This is what makes Per Aspera different.

A game without a story and storyline, prevents the player from having feelings and goals inherent in an adventure in the digital world. AMI helps you to do the whole process of transforming raw material into something to be built. And despite being a machine, it has emotions. Their conscience is similar to that of humans, putting themselves in doubt in situations, until then, exclusive to those who really think.


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