Pep Linders Explained The Plan Luisa Diasa And Diogo Hot.


Pepein Linders has confirmed that both Luis Diaz and Diogo Hota will travel with the Liverpool squad to Dubai next month as they continue their rehabilitation.

Liverpool have confirmed their plans for a break in the World Cup: the training camp in Dubai will be held simultaneously with friendly matches against Lyon and Milan.

Jurgen Klopp and his team will spend 12 days in the United Arab Emirates and most of his key players will be present after seven days heading into the World Cup.

Both Diaz and Hota will be among them, although it can be expected that only the Colombian player will appear at training and games.

Speaking on the club’s official website, Linders explained how the pair will take the next step in their recovery from long-term knee and shin injuries.

“Luis will definitely [be involved] if everything goes according to plan,” the assistant coach said.

“We can’t wait for him to come back, he’s the player who smiles when he has the ball at his feet.

“Diogo will join us to continue his rehabilitation.

“The conditions for training and recovery in Dubai are just very, very good. A change of scenery is always welcome when recovering from a long-standing injury.”

Linders also told how the planning process for Liverpool’s trip to Dubai began 18 months ago, which allowed them to get “the best elite facility possible, before any other team.”

“You are looking for a combination of high—quality fields, good infrastructure and a place that can create an atmosphere and cohesion in the team,” he added.

“We find all this in Dubai.

“The weather will be warm, and this will create some difficulties for training, but it’s not bad at all to prepare for the difficult months ahead.”

Both Joel Matip and Nabi Keita are expected to return to full training during the break with Diaz, although Arthur, who has been absent for a long time, has not yet been mentioned.

Mo Salah, Thiago, Andy Robertson and Roberto Firmino are among those who will be part of the team in Dubai, and probably a group of young people will also fly out.


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