People’s Joker removed from TIFF due to “rights issues” after the world premiere


Vera Drew’s debut film “The People’s Joker” was removed from the Toronto International Film Festival after its world premiere due to “rights issues”. In the film, inspired by the iconic Batman villain, Drew plays a transgender stand-up comedian working in Gotham City in the DC universe.

The premiere of “The People’s Joker” took place on Wednesday evening as part of the TIFF program “Midnight Madness”. However, shortly after the premiere, the parody film “Joker” was excluded from the TIFF 2022 cast, and all future screenings were canceled.

“The director made this film because of rights issues. We apologize for the inconvenience,” reads a statement on the TIFF website. “Current ticket holders will receive an email from the TIFF Customer Service department with information about their purchase.” Drew hinted at potential problems on Tuesday before the premiere, tweeting: “I have no idea how today will go, and my team certainly wants me to say nothing, so I will remain vague… but whatever happens in the next few hours, I want you to know… if you have been waiting and eager to watch our movie, it will happen soon. Stay tuned. I need your help.

In an interview with Collider, Drew talked about her many influences, as well as her time at film school and working with comedians Tim Heidecker and Eric Andre (Heidecker also appears in the film). “I think this film can be distributed 100%. It is fully protected by fair use and copyright laws. It’s like a parody law,” Drew said when asked about the legality of distributing a movie like “The People’s Joker.” “The only thing that makes it weird in both of these categories is that no one has ever taken characters and IP addresses and personalized them that way. So I think that’s what makes it really seem a lot more dangerous than I actually think. is.”

Drew also commented on her main inspiration: Todd Phillips, the director of The Joker, in which actor Joaquin Phoenix plays the main villain Batman. “I liked it. It really inspired me and spoke to me like, “It’s really cool that there’s a movie, a comic book movie, not to mention a movie that makes a billion dollars, about mental illness and poverty, and where it all intersects,” Drew told Collider. “I think part of the problem with this film is that I want big-budget intellectual projects to get the same attitude that you’re talking about, because it’s such a wonderful genre that you can play in, and we really, along the way, realized that in this world you can do anything anything. So why can’t you reveal real human emotions, themes, and so on?” While Phillips’ “Joker” was the subject of its own controversy, the film became the highest-grossing R-rated film of all time, winning Academy Awards, including Best Actor in a Leading Role for Phoenix. A sequel titled Joker: Folie à Deux is currently in production and will be released in 2024.

Warner Bros. She did not make any official statements regarding the news, but Drew promised that “everyone will get the opportunity to watch this movie.” they do not respond to bullying or pressure from faceless institutions, it only encourages me and what I said with this film, we are looking for buyers and distribution partners who will protect us and make this film available to transgender people and their families all over the world. ». She also encouraged fans and supporters to vote for the film at the TIFF Peoples Choice Awards.


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