“People will have fun” — Kanye West’s Former Bodyguard Promises a Tempting Exposure of The Infamous Rapper Amid a Negative Reaction


Kanye West apparently had a bad history with his employees. Singer Donda is already at the epicenter of controversy because of his anti-Semitic statements and comments against black civil rights activists such as Rosa Parks. This even led to the termination of his partnership with Adidas and other luxury brands.


Recently it became known how the artist behaved badly with an Adidas employee, forcing her to sit on the floor. But while this is being investigated, what does it mean to work for him around the clock? His former bodyguard Steve Staniulis is going to reveal all this in an upcoming documentary. He gave a brief overview of the two-week work of E.

The former bodyguard spoke about the difficulties of working with Kanye West

Working with Kanye West is not an easy task, much of this is evidenced by the reviews of his own employees. According to The Richest, Ye’s former bodyguard Steve Staniulis is going to release a documentary that tells about his work experience. Although he worked with the singer Donda for only two weeks, he had enough time to experience the crazy rules and behavior of the artist. According to the bodyguard, West once forced his staff to break through a red traffic light because he wanted to get to a fashion show.

He knew that people would not see the artist in a negative light, but added: “Now everyone knows what kind of person he is; I was the first to find out about it in 2016.” Earlier, the former bodyguard told how West and Kim Kardashian shared a carefree marriage before the divorce.

The documentary began filming back in 2022, but it is unknown when it will be released. Staniulis had previously been interviewed about his experience, and Ye threatened him with a lawsuit worth more than $60 million. West claimed that all employees, including the bodyguard, signed a non-disclosure agreement, but the former bodyguard denied signing any such papers.

Meanwhile, another Ye employee stated that the singer fired him for offering to play Drake’s music. It is known that the artist participated in several undisclosed agreements with his former employees on these issues. What do you think about all this? Comment on your thoughts.


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