People Flocked to Open Areas in China, where Quarantine Application Was Alleviated (Video)


Quarantine measures have been in place in China for a long time due to the coronavirus outbreak. People flocked to parks and open spaces in the country, where quarantine measures were eased due to the slowdown of the outbreak.

In China, where the coronavirus epidemic was first seen, quarantine measures were started to be alleviated due to the slowing of the virus outbreak. Thousands of people flocked to these areas in the country where some touristic areas were reopened.

According to reports in the country press, people showed great interest in docks and restaurants as well as parks. The Bung dock in Shanghai was exposed to a large audience after the ban was lifted. Restaurants, on the other hand, accepted only people who had booked because of the crowd.

Within minutes, the park’s capacity of 20 thousand people has expired
Images of thousands of people who visited the Huangshan mountain park in Anhui province were shared in the Global Times, China’s state media company. The images show thousands of people with masks in the touristic area.

The capacity of the Huangshuan mountain park, where people flocked, expired minutes after the park opened. In the statement made by the Chinese administration, it was explained that the capacity of the park was filled at 07:48, and after the capacity was full, no more visitors were accepted to the park.

“China is not nearing the end yet, a new phase has been entered”
Zeng Guang, chief epidemic expert at the China Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said on Thursday that China has not yet recovered from the epidemic, and that I have entered a new phase, as the global epidemic continues to grow.

Explaining that the number of new cases has decreased, the Chinese administration has decided to temporarily restart the manufacturing and service sectors. In addition, some measures of quarantine abolition have started to be reapplied since it is early.

600 of the cinemas closed due to the coronavirus epidemic were opened recently due to the slowdown of the outbreak. However, 10 days later, the Chinese administration announced that it was early for this decision and decided to close the cinemas again.

Large crowd footage in China, where quarantine measures eased:


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