Peoople: what social networking is and how it works


Peoople: Although not so popular, the Peoople social network can be somewhat useful. That’s because its goal is to allow users to exchange recommendations about movies, restaurants, series, books and music. Available for Android and iPhone (iOS), the app won a spot in the spotlight last month, becoming the most downloaded app on the App Store, all thanks to a company monetization campaign.

The logic of the social network is simple: users post recommendations and followers can interact through comments or even audios. But, what really attracted new internet users to the site was the possibility to earn money from their recommendations.

What is Peoople and how does it work?

Peoople is a social network of recommendations that values ​​the level of influence of the profiles. Among the categories highlighted by the company are: films, series, applications, games, restaurants, hotels and tourist attractions, books, series, electronics, beauty items, among others.

As for the levels of influence, there are 4: Rookie, Influencer, Unicorn and Star (in ascending order). Monetization is released from the second class (Influencer). And the greater your influence on other Internet users, the more money you can earn.

Unlike Facebook and Instagram, for example, there is no version for the web, it is necessary to download the application – which is recommended from the beginning on the official page (

How to register with Peoople?

To register, the first step is to download the Peoople app. Once this is done, log in to the social network and decide whether to access it via email or a Facebook account. On the next page, follow the step by step, completing your profile with the requested information.

At this stage, you will need to choose at least two subjects of interest to you, such as movies and books. Peoople also suggests some accounts to follow – which you can skip by clicking “Later”.

How to follow other profiles?

Even if you decide to follow the suggestions of the social network at the time of registration, it is necessary to know how to follow other profiles later.

Step 1: On the home page, select the magnifying glass in the bottom options bar;
Step 2: Then, use the search bar to search for the user by name;
Step 3: This action will cause some results to appear on the screen. Just tap on the corresponding name or photo to access the profile;
Step 4: Once in the profile, click on the “follow” option.

In addition to searching by name, it is still possible to follow people on Peoople from the categories displayed on the “Search” page.



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