PENTAGON’s Hongseok Receives Malicious Comments About Being Discharged From The Army Due to Mental Health, Netizens Defend Him


On December 26, Cube Entertainment announced that PENTAGON member Honsok would end his service ahead of schedule due to health issues.

The agency explained: “Due to panic disorder and depression with agoraphobia, Honsok was constantly treated and consulted during his military service. However, according to the decision and measures of the military, HONGSEOK was dismissed from the army due to the deterioration of his condition. »

The agency, of course, asked everyone for understanding, but the topic of military service in the country is very sensitive, and those who do not perform it are often harshly criticized.

After the agency’s announcement, several netizens posted negative comments in popular online communities. Some of the most popular negative comments include:

  • “This is ridiculous”
  • “He’s worse than SHINee’s Taemin??”
  • “MC Mong probably feels bad when he sees things like this”
  • “What does panic disorder and depression have to do with the armed forces?
  • “This is not the first case, and everyone, like Taemin, continues their service.
  • “It’s so unfair compared to others who are forced to continue.”

However, many Internet users who saw such reactions came to the defense of the idol. In the answers and among the most liked positive comments, we can read:

  • “People who don’t know the whole story shouldn’t say anything”
  • “He was fired for health reasons, but he’s still being slandered”
  • “I just hope he gets better”
  • “He’s sick, leave him alone”
  • “Honsok is going through the most difficult period”
  • “Please don’t speculate on Honsok”
  • “Why don’t people leave him alone?”
  • “Why compare two people with anxiety disorders? Everyone experiences things differently.
  • “Some of you don’t know how mental health works. Leave him alone “
  • “It is not so easy to be released from military service ahead of schedule. If he got an early release, it’s because his health is very bad. The last thing he needs right now is people talking shit about him. Compulsory service is a delicate and serious topic, and Honsok probably considers it a big setback that he was unable to complete his service due to his health. What he needs now is encouragement and support so that he can focus on his health and get better.”

We sincerely hope that Hongseok has focused on his health and wish him a speedy recovery.


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