Pentagon spends medical equipment money on jet engine


US Department of Defense (Pentagon) spends $ 1 billion for medical drugs and masks on jet engines and uniforms

The Cares Act, passed in the US Congress, meant preparing and preventing and responding to coronavirus. However, the Pentagon spends the budget allocated for this on military supplies.

While the funds that should be used for public health are spent on the forces whose weapons are being used, healthcare providers are calling for more budgets against the coronavirus.

According to Robert Redfield, director of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, at least $ 6 billion was needed to prepare states for a vaccine campaign next year.

But the Defense Department argued that it needed to strike a balance to support the defense industry “critical to the nation.” By contrast, it did not explain why at least $ 2 million of the fund was used to purchase the US Army’s new retro uniforms.

According to the news in the Washington Post, some companies benefiting from the new Pentagon contracts also applied for rescue money due to the crisis.

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