Pentagon Announces New Task Force To Investigate UFOs


Pentagon: In 2019, the US Navy revealed the authenticity of three videos showing military personnel encounters with unidentified flying objects (UFOs), until the US government revealed the existence of the Unidentified Air Phenomena Task Force. In a report published last Tuesday (23), the Pentagon announced a new task force to investigate the phenomena — popularly known as UFOs, or UFOs in Portuguese.

The Air Objects Management Synchronization and Identification Group, as it was named, will lead a team to detect, identify and assign objects in restricted airspaces, such as military areas, firing ranges, sites of exclusive use of national security, and others .

As US Undersecretary of Defense Kathleen H. Hicks revealed, the group will be overseen by a board made up of senior government officials. The main purpose of the new operation is to identify potential national security problems and risks to military pilots flying in these areas.

Despite strange sightings at several military installations around the world, the report says that one of the possible reasons is interference caused by the latest technologies. Skeptics say the cases can be explained by optical tricks or natural phenomena.

More than 143 unexplained cases

Until now, the Unidentified Air Phenomena Task Force was responsible for all case analysis work, however, Hicks revealed that the task force will transition to the new synchronization group.

In June, National Intelligence released documents that reveal objects unidentified since 2004, in which 143 cases remain unexplained. In 18 situations, the US government has not been able to explain the object technologies, which may be beyond the competence of rival nations such as China and Russia.

However, despite acknowledging the failure to analyze the data, authorities said privately that there is also no alien evidence — despite that, there are several government officials who believe in the extraterrestrial theory, such as former assistant secretary of defense, Christopher Mellon, who actively participated in the disclosure of cases.

“The main issues that concern Congress and others are basically flight safety and counter-espionage issues. But of course, there’s always the question, is there something else we just don’t understand that could come extraterrestrially?” said director of national intelligence Avril D. Haines.