Pennywise’s prequel “It” will disappoint fans of Maturin the Turtle


Despite the fact that the series “Welcome to Derry” is a prequel to Stephen King’s “It”, viewers should not hold their breath when it comes to the prospect of finally seeing the incarnation of the Tortoise of Maturin on the screen. It’s always difficult for creators to get a horror villain on the big screen to work on television. Not only can TV budgets rarely afford the same computer effects and make-up as in movies, but the longer duration of TV shows means that monsters that were effective when viewed briefly on the big screen lose their ferocious appeal when the longer running time on television drains them. secret.

As a result, many horror TV shows, such as The Nightmare on Elm Street series, are anthologies telling individual stories with new self-sufficient villains. Despite this, the upcoming IT prequel “Welcome to Derry” will try to break this tradition by telling the story of IT coming to power, even though the main antagonist of Stephen King’s novel is an ageless ancient entity that is older than the universe itself. Despite this plot, it is unlikely that “Welcome to Derry” will feature one legendary character-the king.

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The Maturin turtle is an equally ancient cosmic creature that plays a role in King’s novel “It” and is perhaps the most important character in King’s fictional universe. While Easter eggs link many of King’s works, only Maturin’s backstory explains where the entire universe presented in King’s books and stories came from. It was erupted by Maturin at the beginning of time, which led to the dawn of the galaxy as people know it. However, “Welcome to Derry” is set to take place in the 1960s, which means that the show will not return to Pennywise’s cosmic origins, and therefore there will almost certainly be no appearance of the Maturin Turtle in it.

It is quite possible that “Welcome to Derry” may have the appearance of a turtle, but the fact that the already ambitious two-part adaptation of the film “About Him” avoided this does not encourage fans hoping to see the character realized on the screen. Few TV shows have tried to show the birth of the universe, and after the failure of Firestarter shook King’s status as a hitmaker, it is unlikely that the creators of the “It” prequel series will want to undertake such a large-scale enterprise. In the end, adaptations of films about IT have become successful horror films for teenagers, rather than extensive Lovecraft space horror films.

As a result, “Welcome to Derry” is unlikely to be the origin story of Pennywise in any meaningful sense. It has been around as long as Maturin and also predates the universe itself, which means that the villain’s origin probably won’t be factored into his antics in the 1960s. Thus, the “It” prequel series may struggle to win over fans who don’t care what Pennywise did a few years before the movie, especially given that the series doesn’t use Stephen King’s strange but popular character, such as the tortoise Maturin.