Peng Yoo Han, Lee Kyuhyun and Sohyun Woo have joined Song Kang Ho’s upcoming ranking


Pyong Ye Han, Lee Kyu Hyun and Seo Hyun Woo will join the new drama Song Kang Ho

Pyong Ye Han, Lee Kyu Hyun and Seo Hyun Woo will join Song Kang Ho in “Uncle Sam Sik” (literal title), his first TV series in 32 years!

The drama will tell the story of love and the love of two men, Uncle Sam Shik and Kim San, who survived the turbulent times of the early 1960s in Korea.

It has already been confirmed that Song Kang Ho will play the role of Uncle Sam Chic, and it has also been confirmed that a whole new cast of talented actors will play additional roles.

Byun Yo Han was chosen to play the second main character Kim Sang, the best elite student of the Korean Military Academy and recipient of the Albright Scholarship. While studying in the United States, he changes his specialization to economics and returns to Korea with the dream of turning the country into an industrial economy. However, he returns only to despair at the reality of the situation, and meets Uncle Sam Chic, who tells him that they have the same dream and that they will realize this dream together.

Byun Yo Han has attracted attention with his stellar performance in the film “Hansan: Rising Dragon”, and many are looking forward to his appearance alongside Song Kang Ho in a fiery battle of excellent acting skills.

Lee Kyu-hyun will play Kang Sung-min, a candidate for the post of the next leader. After using Uncle Sam Chic to fulfill his desires and achieve his goals, he abandons Uncle Sam Chic. The main reason why Uncle Sam Sik is so interested in Kim Sang is his contempt for Kang Sung Min. Lee Kyu-hyun appeared in such works as “Prison Book” and “Voice 4”, turning any work he came across into a masterpiece. Now he will be reborn again in the image of cold desire in “Uncle Sam Sik”.

Seo Hyun-woo will play an elite army soldier, Jeong Han Min, who went to train with Kim Sang as another recipient of the Albright Scholarship. But, unlike Kim San, Jeong Han Min stays and trains hard in the hope of one day reforming the army. However, in the end he, too, is smashed against the impending wall of reality. Seo Hyun-woo is known for stealing scenes in many of his projects, including the films “The Decision to Leave” and “Honest Candidate 2”, as well as the drama “Flower of Evil”. His stellar acting abilities are expected to show up again when he joins the cast of “Uncle Sam Sik.”

While the specific details of “Uncle Sam Sic” and its production are still being worked out, expectation and excitement are already high as people look forward to what will undoubtedly be another masterpiece.


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