Peña they want Nieto to be held responsible for treason


Senators of the “Morena” political party of Mexico Higinio Martínez and Cruz Pérez Cuéllar demanded that the Attorney General’s Office (FGR) call former President Enrique Peña Nieto to account.

In its edition this Thursday, REFORMA publishes that as the head of a criminal power apparatus, then-President Peña Nieto played a central role in committing treason and bribery crimes in the Odebrecht case, according to the FGR.

“Being the person in charge of the 2012-2018 Administration, in which many officials are being accused and accused of corruption, the person in charge of that administration must already be cited,” said Senator Higinio Martínez.

If Peña Nieto, said the Mexican legislator, had already been accused of committing acts of corruption during his term, then he should be cited.

“I would tell the Prosecutor’s Office to act. I don’t know if I have to stop him, but at least it is convenient for him to testify and the rest is up to the judges. If the Prosecutor’s Office has sufficient elements, I believe that it would not be a thing of the other world if he was already summoned as a witness, as a defendant or accused, ”he considered.

Chihuahuan Cruz Pérez Cuéllar spoke in the same tone.

“If the Prosecutor’s Office has already made an accusation, what is appropriate is to call him to account. Legally, it is a right that he (Peña Nieto) must have to respond to any accusations. If the accusation is true, they should call him to account ”, he considered.

“If the Prosecutor’s Office is already proceeding, it must be independent, even, of the popular consultation issue. If the Prosecutor’s Office assumes that he has elements, he should call him now.


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