Pegasus owner defends and blames customers for global espionage


Pegasus: The NSO Group, responsible for developing the Pegasus spy software, responded to a series of criticisms the company has suffered for being the name behind a global scheme to illegally monitor journalists and government officials.

According to the BBC, the company guaranteed that the tool should be used to monitor criminal and terrorist activities, being released only for military use or in intelligence agencies. In addition, the NSO defended itself against recent accusations that the spy center was in Cyprus and even blamed the clients themselves.

“First of all, we don’t have servers in Cyprus. Second, we don’t have consumer data in our possession. And more than that, clients are not related to each other, and each consumer is separate. there should be such a list anyway,” the note states.

Global campaign

“If I’m the assembler of a car, you take the car and, when drunk, you run over a person, you don’t go to the vehicle manufacturer, you go to the driver. We are sending the system to governments, we have all the responsibility correctly and legally. If a consumer decides to use the system in the wrong way, he will no longer be a customer,” says the group.

As a result of the allegations, activist Edward Snowden, responsible for denouncing a US National Security Agency’s spying activity in 2013, called for a worldwide ban on Pegasus.


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