Pegasus: Lava Jato Would Have Considered Using Software in Investigation


Pegasus: In recent days, news about Pegasus software — which was used to spy on human rights activists, journalists and lawyers — has taken hold of major technology portals. Now, the story has another chapter. This is because the defense of former president Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva claims that, at the time of the investigation, the Curitiba prosecutor’s office was looking for a clandestine espionage system to monitor the defendant.

Lula’s lawyers filed a petition this Monday (26), at the Supreme Court, using conversations between members of Operation Lava Jato as evidence.

In an exchange of messages on January 31, 2018, one of the members of the operation says he was going to meet with representatives of an Israeli company that sold a “solution
technology that invades cell phones in real time.” The NSO Group, responsible for Pegasus, is based in Israel.

Later, one of the members sends a story explaining how the software can be used.


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