Peewee from Sons Of Anarchy set an incredible SAMCRO record


“Sons of Anarchy” underwent many changes in the hierarchy of the titular motorcycle club, and by the end of the series, Chibs Telford became the new president of SAMCRO, and he also has a unique record in the club. In 2008, Kurt Sutter took viewers to the world of motorcycle clubs in the crime series “Sons of Anarchy”. The series was praised from the very beginning for the performances of the main cast and the topics covered in it, and it continued to expand into the Mayans MC series, where some of the surviving members of SAMCRO appeared.

The action of “Sons of Anarchy” takes place in the fictional town of Charming, California, tells the story of Jackson “Jax” Teller (Charlie Hunnam), the vice president of the titular club and the son of John “JT” Teller, one of the founders of the club. The series begins when Jax finds his father’s manifesto, in which he shared his ideas and views on the club, which were very different from the views of the current president of the club (and Jax’s stepfather) Clay Morrow (Ron Perlman). For seven seasons, Jax tried to lead the club on a different path, so SAMCRO underwent various changes in its hierarchy, but Jax was always accompanied by some of the most loyal members of the club, including Chibs Telford (Tommy Flanagan).

Philip “Chibs” Telford is the only Scottish member of the Sons of Anarchy, and he got his nickname Chibs because of the facial scars given to him by Jimmy O’phelan, his nemesis and one of SAMCRO’s biggest enemies. Chibs was incredibly loyal to Jax and stayed with him through many ups and downs inside and outside the club. Chibs became president of SAMCRO in the 7th season of Sons of Anarchy after everyone voted for Jax to meet Mr. Mayham, and thanks to this, he became the SAMCRO member with the most positions in the club, as well as the one who passed the most ranks.

At the beginning of Sons of Anarchy, Chibs was a full member of the Sons of Anarchy club, and in the fifth season, after Tig Trager (Kim Coates) resigned after learning that Clay had defeated Gemma (Kathy Sagal), Chibs was appointed sergeant. – the weapon of then Vice President Bobby Munson (Mark Boone Jr.). In the 6th season of Sons of Anarchy, Bobby resigned as vice president and Chibs took over this role, and Happy Lowman (David Labrava) now serves as a sergeant at arms, and in the last season Chibs became president of SAMCRO as Jax prepared to die. The only SAMCRO member who can compete with Chibs in terms of most of the positions held is Bobby, who was the club’s secretary, vice president and acting president, albeit briefly. Chibs is also the first president of SAMCRO, who is not among the first 9 and does not come from the Teller family.

In addition to this, Chibs is also the member of SAMCRO who has passed the most ranks, starting the series as a full patch, but he was also the club medic until Tara Knowles (Maggie Siff) intervened. Chibs continues to be the president of the Sons of Anarchy club, and he briefly appeared in Mayans MC along with the rest of the surviving members of the club. Chibs turned out to be the president that SAMCRO needed so badly, and he can boast that he is the only member of the club who has gone through the largest number of positions and titles in the club’s known history.