Pearl’s New Clip Hints at the character’s Sinister Origins


A brand new clip posted on the X Movie page on the social network offers a little more context to the background of the recent horror hit and its upcoming prequel “Pearl”.

Fans of the first horror movie X have been eagerly awaiting this prequel, which seems ready to deliver both the gore and creeping horror that made the first movie a favorite hit, at least based on a clip from XMovie’s Instagram page. Mia Goth from X, who played Maxine’s last girlfriend, now plays the lead role of Pearl, who quickly joined the horror as one of the most disturbing and ruthless villains. Goth is joined by David Korensvet, Thandi Wright, Matthew Sunderland and Emma Jenkins-Purro in supporting roles.

In the new clip, a teenage Pearl is watching an excerpt from a tasteless porn movie of the 1940s in a cinema booth at the insistence of an elderly man. Pearl, whom we know from both the previous film and the trailer for this prequel, looks at both the sexual appetite and the fascination of Hollywood fame. She stares wide-eyed through a projection window at a flickering black-and-white image of a man seducing a woman on camera. Pearl’s infatuation echoes Pearl’s obsession with Maxine and her friends as they film their erotic movie, Farmers’ Daughters in X, before Pearl proceeds to eliminate them one by one.

X, released in March of this year, still attracts fans, charming the audience with its tasteless pornographic storyline, abundant slasher blood and witty meta-comments on filmmaking. Pearl, which was conceived during the filming of the first film by director Ti West and Goth herself, focuses on the sinister origin story of Pearl, an elderly and bloodthirsty villain X. Pearl shows us a much younger version of the character in her trailer. ; a 1940s teenager obsessed with Hollywood fame. The trailer for “Pearl” also hints that her violence began much earlier than in the late 1970s in the first film.

Excerpts and a trailer from this origin story demonstrate the same attention to historical detail as the previous film. While X was a gaudy, blood-soaked celebration of the late ’70s that some liken to the Texas chainsaw massacre, Pearl looks to a more distant past with a distinct Hollywood flavor of the 1940s. Goth’s acting, like her role as Maxine in the first film, looks on top, exuding naivety and a sinister obsession with both Hollywood and its more seedy side.

The premiere of “Pearl” in the United States is scheduled for September 16, 2002.


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