Pearl Trailer Reveals the Origin Story of the prequel movie Super Gory X


Take a step back in time with Pearl’s creepy first look trailer for the prequel movie X. Written and directed by T.West, the 2022 slasher tells the story of a group of wannabe porn stars and a director who open a shop on a rural farm owned by an elderly couple in Texas. Soon after arriving, the group realizes that not everything is as it seems, and their lives are in danger as they are being killed one by one.

Pearl will take place approximately 60 years before the events of X and explore the origin of the main character as a young woman caring for her sick father on an isolated family farm and seeking to escape to a glamorous life away from her devout mother. Mia Goth, who also co-wrote the script with director Tee West, returns to lead the cast of “Pearl” as the eponymous villain along with David Korensvet, Thandi Wright, Matthew Sunderland and Emma Jenkins-Purro. The production of “Pearl” was conducted secretly immediately after the filming of X, and now the audience will properly see the upcoming prequel film for the first time.

Just a few months after it became known that the film was in development, A24 released the official trailer for “Pearl”. The video offers a creepy first look at the upcoming prequel of the movie X, namely the main character Mia Goth, who plunges into a murderous madness in a horror thriller soaked in multicolored colors.

The official trailer for “Pearl” will undoubtedly be a promising first look at the prequel X movie, presenting the film in a completely different way compared to the 2022 horror hit with a vibrant palette. This very vivid approach to the visual style of the film creates a feeling similar to the Wizard of Oz in the story of Pearl’s origin, linking well with its themes the desire of the main character Mia Goth to escape from her small town and live a brighter life elsewhere, like Dorothy from the classic adventure fantasy. Fans of the horror genre will also be interested to see how this colorful style translates into the bloody thrill of Pearl’s descent into her murderous nature of the original X movie.

One of the main conclusions from the “Pearl” trailer is a tantalizing idea of how T. West continues to expand his franchise in the indie horror genre. West teased that the prequel would be a completely different horror movie than the X movie, and since the writer/director also teased plans for a possible trilogy set after X and exploring a new subgenre, Pearl’s trailer points to a famous independent director. brings a unique visual range and narrative language to each part. Only time will tell if the new film will be able to match its critically acclaimed predecessor when “Pearl” hits theaters on September 16.


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