Peaky Blinders: The reason the Ada actress was not at the Polly tribute


After the death of actress Helen McCrory from cancer in April 2021, doubts about her participation in the sixth and final season of Peaky Blinders grew bigger and bigger. However, the program was responsible for paying tribute to her in her first episode because the star was unable to film scenes for the new installment due to her illness. But, in her tribute, one of the actresses who had a great participation with her co-star, Sophie Rundle, was missing.

In the final moments of the episode entitled “Black Day”, we see how almost the entire Shelby family celebrates a memorial for Polly (character played by Helen McCrory), where it was agreed to show the scenes of all the characters with a silence of three minutes, while the carriage where his body was placed burns down along with all the photographs and paintings inside.

While the memorable scene of the Romani gypsy funeral takes place in honor of their heritage, we see how the camera focuses on each of the family members who were there, who in turn mourn the terrible loss of the greatest loved one they They had. However, one of the characters was not present at all, Ada, who is played by Sophie Rundle.

During an interview for Digital Spy, Rundle explained the reason why she could not be in the filming that day to honor McCrory, assuring that due to her pregnancy she was not present, since she was going to give birth to her son exactly on the same day. So he had to make her scenes separately, confessing that it was very strange for her.

“I wasn’t actually there that day, because I was having my son. So I did my parts separately, which was even weirder, actually, and like, you know, I got hit,” she explained.

“But I felt very deeply the emotion of that, because we took the time.

The actress assured that after giving birth to her son she decided to return to continue filming, so the producer showed her what the other cast members had recorded, being shocked by such a memorable scene that was being prepared for McCrory and your character.

Even though Polly is gone, there’s no way any of her family members will soon forget her, and as the show progresses into its sixth and final season, viewers have been shocked at the impact her death has had. in Tommy (Cillian Murphy), who has stopped drinking altogether.