Peaky Blinders: The reason Cillian Murphy hates having his picture taken


Season 6 of Peaky Blinders is preparing for its premiere next Sunday, February 27 on the BBC One television network, while a later date will be released on the Netflix platform that will be announced very soon on the web. However, a recent interview with Tommy Shelby actor Cillian Murphy has surprised everyone, after he expressed his annoyance with his fans.

Cillian Murphy, 45, has become a kind of icon of Irish cinema, after his participation in great films such as 28 days later or extermination, as well as great series such as Peaky Blinders. But, despite the world fame he has obtained, the actor revealed in an interview how uncomfortable it is for him that fans take photos of him without asking.

During a recent interview for The Observer, Cillian revealed that he doesn’t usually go out that much, so people who meet him are often disappointed to meet him, especially when they see him upset by the photos they usually take of him without even asking or asking for permission. .

“What I don’t like is people taking pictures secretly, which someone said is like the amateur Stasi.

“It’s fucking weird. I’ve been sat on the subway and people have started filming me.”

The actor assured that he does not want to be like the poor celebrities who feel happier the more cameras they have around, confirmed that he feels privileged by the fame he has obtained throughout his career, but expressed his discomfort with the issue of having the cameras everywhere and fans who tend to exaggerate when it comes to wanting a photo.

“But I think this thing of having cameras everywhere is something we need to figure out.

Unlike other actors, the star likes to keep his life private, especially when it comes to his family. Who has been married to his wife Yvonne McGuinness since 2004, after meeting at a rock concert in 1996. In fact, very little is known about his relationship status and his children, something he likes and will continue to keep private.

It is true that unannounced photographs and videos are part of fame, but the actor insists that there must be at least permission to do so, because he assured that he prefers to talk to a fan in the subway or on the street than to be taking photos every time they see it.