Peaky Blinders: The interpreter of Ada Thorne paid tribute to the deceased actress


Peaky Blinders has become one of the most outstanding period dramas of recent times, and this BBC drama since it landed on Netflix screens began to increase in popularity in a great way. Now the launch of its sixth and final season is expected, but while waiting, the interpreter of Ada Thorne (Sophie Rundle), spoke about the great loss suffered by the production and the industry last year.

From the first season, the Peaky Blinders series hooked us more than one with its gangster drama story, and since then, “Aunt Polly” (Helen McCrory) was present from the first episode. Unfortunately, however, the veteran actress passed away due to her battle with cancer.

Helen McCrory had been keeping her fight against this disease a secret, it was her husband who broke the news to her followers on April 16, 2021. Of course, the cast members of Peaky Blinders were also devastated, the protagonist Tommy Shelby (Cillian Murphy) was one of those who lamented, well, if it had not been for the restrictions of the pandemic due to the Covid-19, Helen would have been in the recordings of this last installment.

Recently it was Ada Thorne, the actress of Sophie Rundle, who spoke about Helen McCrory, revealing that she “was the heart of the program”. As we well know, the successful series has been off screens for three years, but the wait is almost over, since it will take place next Sunday, February 27 on BBC screens.

However, Ada Thorne has admitted that she is “still recovering from losing” her co-star Helen McCrory. The award-winning actress tragically died aged just 52, leaving her loved ones and the cast of Peaky Blinders heartbroken.

Helen swore her closest friends to keep her secret while she underwent treatment for breast cancer. Thanks to the closeness she maintained with everyone within the studio, Cillian has confirmed that the final series “will be a tribute” to her late co-star. So were Thorne’s words:

“Helen pushed you to be better because she didn’t accept laziness at all.” “She made Polly so fickle and so exciting to watch because she had this weird magic as an actress.” “She was one of my heroines before she got the job , so it was very intimidating when I met her.” “It’s still shocking. I just can’t believe it. The pain hits me in waves.”