Peaky Blinders: series pays tribute to actress Helen McCrory


Peaky Blinders fans were surprised on Friday (16) by the announcement of the passing of actress Helen McCroy, interpreter of the famous Aunt Polly. The series team manifested itself through the official profile (@peakyblindersofficial) with a differentiated art to honor the artist.

A movie clapperboard was illustrated with Helen’s face featured in her character Polly with the following phrase: “Rest in peace, Helen”. The photo was taken by Anthony Byrne, series director.

Cillian Murphy, responsible for bringing Thomas Shelby to life, spoke about the castmate in an interview with the Deadline portal: “I am heartbroken to lose a dear friend. Helen was a beautiful, caring, funny and compassionate human being. She was also a talented actress – fearless and magnificent. ”

Peaky Blinders executive producer Caryn Mandabach shared an exclusive statement to the Deadline portal about how the character Polly was thought of: “When Steve conceived the character Polly, he said that if something happened to Tommy, Polly would run the business. Only an actress with the depth and humanity that Helen possessed could have taken on this cloak. In fact, I wish Helen could run the business of the world, because she was so cool. ”

Peaky Blinders season 6 recordings started in January

Since January of this year, the Peaky Blinders team has returned to the sets for recording the sixth and final season. With the announcement of the death of Helen McCroy, it is not known how the plot will develop. For now, it is not clear whether she filmed an episode. Due to Helen’s death, changes to Polly Shelby’s final arc are likely to happen.


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