Peaky Blinders Season 6: Actor confirms what was suspected about Aunt Polly


Season 6 of the BBC broadcast network’s crime drama Peaky Blinders is set to premiere soon. Recently, before the first promotional trailer for the latest installment was released, it was hinted that the release date was planned for early February, which was later confirmed in the trailer.

Peaky Blkinder will end with season 6. But the story of the Shelby family headed by Cillian Murhy’s character, Thomas Shelby, will continue its drama through a movie production that according to the most recent reports, will begin filming in 2023. While that the next episodes will be responsible for giving answers to the most important questions that keep fans intrigued.

Fans know that Peaky Blinders season 6 will finally reveal who betrayed Thomas Shelby at the end of the fifth installment, when he unsuccessfully tried to get politician Oswald Mosley out of the way. Some theories suggest that it could be Michael Gray (Finn Cole), the son of Aunt Polly (Helen McCrory), who has all this time portrayed a mother figure for the character of Murphy.

And it is that speaking of Polly Gray, another of the questions that has kept Peaky Blinders fans restless, is if the character of the late actress Helen McCrory will really appear in season 6 of the gangster series. Recall that the talented long-time star, she died of cancer on April 16, 2021, before the filming of the new episodes finished.

In this sense, the fans of the criminal drama have remained hopeful that McCrory had participation with his character during the filming of season 6. However, Cillian Murphy has dispelled the doubts of Peaky Blinders viewers, confirming that unfortunately Aunt Polly will not be back with the new episodes of the BBC series.

While Helen McCrory died before filming wrapped, it seemed plausible that she could still film some scenes, but this was largely impossible due to filming delays caused by the coronavirus. This Cillian Murphy said during an interview with the Empire medium, according to NME:

“The thing that always makes me sad is that we were about to film and then the pandemic happened and we had to stop. If we had filmed then, Helen would have been on the show, and that makes me sad.”

Murphy further revealed that the show’s creator, Steven Knight, still kept Helen’s spirit alive in the new season of Peaky Blinders. It’s unfortunate that she didn’t make it to film, and it’s understood that another incident could have been McCrory’s deteriorating health by the time she began production on Season 6 of Peaky Blinders. This added Murphy: