Peaky Blinders: next Shelby family movie


The Peaky Blinders series, which portrays the story of a family of English criminals of the 20th century, will have its last season turned into a film. This is what assures the director and creator of the production, Steven Knight, in a recent interview with the BBC.

In Knight’s own words, the idea had always been to end Peaky Blinders with a film despite the changes brought about by the new coronavirus pandemic, and this was not a recent decision.

Apparently, there is still nothing really certain about the release of the work and nothing has actually been agreed to establish dates for launching or starting recordings. Knight just mentioned that the production and recording works for the new season were delayed by about a year due to the pandemic and that the recording of the sixth season, which precedes the film, started earlier in the year.

What will happen in Season 6 of Peaky Blinders?

Very little is known about the Shelby family’s fate. In some statements, Knight stated that he plans to make the redemption of the main character, played by Cillian Murphy, until the end of the series, ending the time period of the plot with the arrival of World War II.

Advancing a little on the idea of ​​the film, the creator of the series revealed that it must, in fact, be a continuation of the closure given in the sixth season.

Before the pandemic, the director expected the series to continue for the seventh season, as had already been agreed, but plans were changed due to the epidemiological scenario and the series was shortened on the BBC (original broadcaster of the series).

After the sixth season, which will be shown on the Netflix streaming platform, it is worth looking forward to the release of the film, which has yet to be scheduled.


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