Peaky Blinders: the designer inspired by a family anecdote for his series!


Peaky Blinders is one of the most popular series on Netflix. But we know less that it is inspired by real anecdotes!

Peaky Blinders is such an exciting series. And it’s thanks to the family of its creator! Steven Knight indeed revealed to have been inspired by anecdotes concerning his close relations to write his scenarios!

Let the fans of the historical series be reassured. There is no bad news in this article! Peaky Blinders will be back for season 6 and season 7 on Netflix and the Arte channel. Finally, it will not be for now! The shooting of season 6 has not yet started. The Shelbys will not resume service until the beginning of 2020. So we will have to be patient.

Theories have flourished on the internet since the broadcast of season 5. How will Tommy (Cillian Murphy) get back on his feet after the betrayal he suffered? Will Brad Pitt join the gang of thugs? Tom Hardy will he (very) expected return? This should give grain to grind internet users! In the meantime, the creator of Peaky Blinders has confided in History Extra magazine on the premises of the series.

Steven Knight’s uncles were indeed bookmakers. “My father told me one of the anecdotes that really made me want to write Peaky Blinders,” he said. “His father asked him to go and send a message to his uncles. When he entered the room where they were, he came across eight seated men. They were impeccably dressed. They were wearing caps and guns in their pockets. The table was covered with silver. The smoke, booze and these immaculate men in this Birmingham slum inspired everything. This is the mythology of the series. It’s her story, and it’s the first image I started working with. ”

The series also took liberties with reality. Indeed, the real Peaky Blinders existed for 30 years with the events that Knight describes. In 1920, they were no longer in power.


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