Peaky Blinders Actor To Star In Christopher Nolan’s New Film


Peaky Blinders: Recently, amidst such anticipation, unprecedented details about Christopher Nolan’s new film have finally been revealed by Universal Pictures. According to what was released by the company, Oppenheimer will be starring Cillian Murphy, well known for his role in the series Peaky Blinders. However, the production is expected to be released in theaters only in July 2023.

Right after Tenet’s debut last year, the filmmaker revealed that he would already be working on a new project. This time, the film would take place during World War II, telling the story of physicist Robert Oppenheimer, who was mainly responsible for the development of the Manhattan Project, which created the atomic bomb.

Apparently, filming will begin as early as next year and the budget for practical work has been estimated at around $100 million.

It is noteworthy that this is the first project that Nolan develops without Warner Bros. Pictures, your faithful collaborator for years. The decision was taken after the company opted for the release of hybrid content, in theaters and also in streaming HBO Max, mainly due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Christopher Nolan and Cillian Murphy repeat partnership in new film

Cillian Murphy has been in other Christopher Nolan films such as Batman Begins (2005), Inception (2009) and also Dunkirk (2017). The latter, in fact, grossed more than $527 million worldwide, something that certainly caught Universal Pictures’ attention for having the filmmaker in its hall of artists.

Although the film consists of a biographical project, in the hands of Christopher Nolan anything can happen. This thought arises, mainly, when taking into account all the creative twists that have already been included in the scripts of their productions.

For now, apart from Murphy, there are no other confirmed names in the cast. It remains to be seen whether other figures known to frequently work alongside the filmmaker will be cast in the future, such as Michael Caine and Tom Hardy.

So stay tuned for more news from Oppenheimer and look forward to this unmissable release!


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