Peaky Blinders: a clue revealed for the release of season 6


Is the 6th season of the famous Peaky Blinders series scheduled for soon? We give you more details! Season 6 of Peaky Blinders soon on our screens? MCE TV gives you more details.

The wait is long and the Peaky Blinders fans are getting impatient! But it’s not just them who are eager, indeed, the interpreter of Arthur Shelby Jr is also very impatient.

You should know that the 6 episodes of season 6 of Peaky Blinders are well desired! Indeed, fans of the show have been waiting for them for over a year now.

This Thursday, November 8, actor Paul Anderson spoke about it. But know that a year and a half ago, in August 2019, Anthony Byrne, the director of the series, confided that he had just started filming season 6.

“I’m reading the scripts right now. “He said in an interview with GQ Magazine. He will add that he will start Season 6 “correctly” in November 2019.


Obviously during his interview, the director of Peaky Blinders did not expect a pandemic to arrive. Thus, the shooting of season 6 was stopped in March 2020.

Either from the start of the pandemic, in order to protect the teams in the series. It’s now November 2020, and no Peaky Blinders Season 6 is on the horizon yet.

But Paul Anderson seems to have information on the release date of this long-awaited season. Indeed, the actor posted a post on Instagram with a rather subtle message.

So he shared a fan art of his character on the social network. “Season 6 #comingfknsoon” can we read. He also thanked his fans for the wait before adding that it was worth it!

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This is something to give fans of the show hope. These were more than 118,000 to like his post! To follow.


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