Peacock: NBC streaming arrives today for Comcast subscribers


In the midst of the new coronavirus pandemic, NBCUniversal is preparing to launch its streaming service. Peacock will be officially launched in the United States on July 15, but as of today (15), Comcast subscribers will have access to the platform.

Peacock’s advance preview will feature 15,000 hours of content, including series and programs that are currently airing on NBC. Also included in the catalog are original daily news programs and sports and entertainment highlights.

This initial access will serve as a test, both for NBCUniversal and for consumers, who will be able to check the quality of the service. For that reason, big titles like Parks and Recreation, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit, Two and a Half Men, E.T .: The Extraterrestrial, Jurassic Park and Shrek will already be in the catalog at this first moment.

Official launch: 2020 or 2021?
Despite Peacock reaching the general public in the United States in July of this year, the chairman of the platform and NBCUniversal, Matt Strauss, recognizes that, due to the coronavirus, many productions needed to be stopped and will only reach the catalog in 2021.

“Most of our original productions have been paused,” said Strauss. “This will significantly limit our original content at launch and throughout 2020. We don’t know when things will be back to normal.”

In addition, The Office, an important title to have on the service, also cannot be added until 2021. Currently, Netflix has the rights to show the series in the USA. Despite having to compete for this space with established services, Strauss believes that the covid-19 should not be an obstacle for the new platform.

“We believe that this will really add a lot of value to people who want additional entertainment,” said Strauss. “Honestly, we are even more encouraged by the demand.”

Part of that confidence is due to NBC’s vast catalog of productions, which should be added to Peacock starting in July. Series like This Is Us, Downton Abbey, Suits, The Blacklist, and films like the Bourne trilogy and the Fast and Furious franchise are the main highlights.

There are still several original productions that should appear in the catalog in 2020, such as the reboots of Punky, A Levada da Breca and Uma Galera do Barulho. Strauss also confirmed that the Brave New World adaptation should also debut this year on Peacock.


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