Peach of Time: A New BL Drama Where Love Will Cross Borders


Soon we will be able to live the adventure of ‘Peach of Time’, a new BL drama that you will love. The world of doramas prepares an amazing new adventure within the BL genre, with ‘Peach of Time’, a drama with a love so great that it will transcend any frontier.

‘Peach of Time’ is a new drama that will be released very soon, it is of the BL genre and it will star Choi Jae Hyun and Karn Kritsanaphan; actors whom we have seen in other dramas like ‘Run On’ and ‘You Never Eat Alone’. Another characteristic is that Jae Hyun is a Korean actor, Karn Kritsanaphan comes from Thailand.

In this next BL drama, we will know a youth story about a love that goes beyond death because a ghost that cannot leave the earthly world, lives a love with a boy who is still alive and both learn the secrets of death and the heart breaking the boundaries between one world and the other.

A drama that will combine romance and a supernatural fact that you will not want to miss, so watch ‘Peach of Time’ which is already very close to being released and live this incredible story with characters that will end up captivating you.


The drama ‘Peach of Time’ premieres tomorrow, August 30 at 10 PM South Korean time and its episodes will air every Monday and Tuesday on WeTV; so do not miss this great premiere and incredible story that will trap us with a romance that will challenge life and death.


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Get ready for this beautiful story that the BL drama will have for everyone, it will surely end up captivating you, with only a few hours left until its premiere.

But you can also watch more BL dramas and learn a lot about this genre that has won the hearts of a large part of the audience.


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