Peacemaker: John Cena for HBO Max


Warner Bros. announces a new series as a prequel to the new Suicide Squad movie starring the character of Peace Maker.

Warner Bros. has announced the production of a new series as a prequel to The Suicide Squad, one of the upcoming DC films and a reboot of the previous Suicide Squad film, now in charge of filmmaker James Gunn, with the character Peacemaker played. by John Cena as the main protagonist. This has been announced by those responsible, confirming the exclusivity for HBO Max and James Gunn himself as the main person in charge of the production.

New prequel series of the Suicide Squad

Thus, this new series will star Peacemaker, a character played by former WWE professional wrestler and now actor John Cena and who is also part of the impressive cast of actors and actresses in this new version of The Suicide Squad. And it is that throughout the eight chapters that this limited series will have, we will be told the origins of a character whose sole objective is peace, regardless of the consequences or collateral damage.

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