PC market grows in Brazil even with 23% higher prices


The pandemic moved the computer market in Brazil in 2020, and the sector had a 6% increase in sales compared to the previous year. The growth happened even with a sharp increase in the prices of PCs, which were about 23% more expensive.

According to IDC data, the fourth quarter of 2020 ended the average price of desktop PCs at R $ 3,782, while the figure for notebooks was R $ 4,299. The figures represent an increase of 23.5% in relation to the previous three months of the same year.

The increases in value occurred because of the pandemic, which damaged the manufacturers’ assembly and distribution chains. In addition, Brazil suffered from the high dollar and an increase in freight prices, explains Rodrigo Okayama Pereira, an analyst at IDC.

Pandemic heats up market

Despite the rise in prices, the PC market registered growth, and part of the reason is also the pandemic caused by the coronavirus. According to IDC, social isolation, remote work and home classes served as a stimulus for the acquisition of new computers.

According to the company’s data, about 6.3 million computers were sold in Brazil in 2020. During the last quarter, which is marked by Black Friday and year-end holidays, sales rose 20.6% in relation to the previous year.

During the last quarter of 2020, about 1.6 million notebooks were sold in Brazil, says IDC. The sale of desktops in the same period was around 400 thousand units.

For 2021, the research company expects an increase of 8.6% in the computer sector in Brazil. According to IDC, the pandemic will continue to drive this industry and should stimulate the market for corporate products, which may grow by 17.3% compared to last year.


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