PC games can now be played on Xbox!


Microsoft officially started to support Google Stadia with the Edge update it brought to the next generation Xbox consoles and Xbox One.


Microsoft released the new version of Microsoft Edge, which it announced a few days ago. With the update for Xbox One, Xbox Series and Series S owners, Google Stadia games can now be played on the console.

Microsoft had made the Edge browser on the Windows platform based on Chromium a long time ago. On the other hand, Xbox users have been waiting for the new version of the browser to come to consoles for a while. Microsoft has finally released the update that the players have been eagerly waiting for.

Discord support has also arrived for Xbox indirectly.

With the new Edge update released by Microsoft, Google Stadia games can now be played easily on Edge. Apart from that, keyboard and mouse support for consoles has also been added along with Chromium-based Edge. Thus, players will be able to enjoy a comfortable web browser experience just like on a computer.

According to the feedback made by the players, Google Stadia games played on Edge can be played easily with both keyboard and mouse and controller. There are also some developments for those who are considering using Discord over Edge. Although Xbox users can easily enter Discord through the browser, they cannot use their microphones yet.

With the statement made by Sony in the past days, it was announced that an official agreement was reached with Discord. A similar move was expected from Microsoft after it was announced that Discord would be integrated into PlayStation Network in 2022. However, for now, users can only send and receive messages via Discord. It is currently unclear whether official Discord support will come with the updates to be made in the new period.

So what do you think about the Microsoft Edge update and Google Stadia support? Do not forget to share your views in the comments.


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