PC character surprise at the end of Apple event


At Apple’s announcement of ARM-based M1 processor Mac computers, the first Apple Silicon-based laptops MacBook Air and MacBook Pro and Mac mini desktop computer were introduced. However, a surprise awaited the audience at the end of the event. John Hodgman, who played the PC role in the “I a Mac, and I’m a PC” commercials shown on American TVs in the mid-2000s, suddenly appeared after Tim Cook finished the virtual event.

In the short video, Hodgman portrays the PC’s response to the announcement of Apple’s new M1-based Macs. He comically explains his complaint about the improved performance and battery life of updated Macs compared to PCs. However, we don’t see the Mac next to the PC, or Justin Long, who portrays that character in commercials.

The advertisements that appeared in 2006 started after Apple’s computers switched to Intel processors. While Long’s Mac character conveyed the impressive aspects of a Mac computer, the PC character was trying to explain that things were as good as they were told on the Windows side.

We currently do not know whether Apple will revive this ad campaign for M1 Macs. However, when the new era of desktop and laptop computers started, it was nice to remember the past like this.


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