PC Building Simulator Is This Week’s Free Game At Epic Games


PC Building Simulator: The Epic Games Store is offering as this week’s free game PC Building Simulator, a simulator of building PCs, as the name makes clear. The title can now be activated and will remain available until 12:00 (GMT) on next Thursday, October 14th.

PC Building Simulator focuses on simulation, but it is still a game, offering missions to the player. You play as a maintenance technician, getting computers from people and needing to find the defective parts to replace. You can also use the money you accumulate to build your own dream PC. You can also play in a free simulation mode and just let your imagination run wild in the assembly.

As usual, the Epic Games Store has also announced what will be the next games that will be available next week, when they “turn” the free games. Starting on October 14th, players will be able to activate Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse for free – a zombie game where you play as the undead.

In addition to the indie title, next Thursday Epic will also offer a pack of items and perks for Paladins.


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