PC Building Simulator, Free On The Epic Games Store


PC Building Simulator: This week’s free game invites you to get down to business and become a real handyman, forgive the redundancy. At a time when getting one of the latest graphics cards on the market is quite an odyssey, Epic Games Store offers us the possibility of mounting a PC, even if it is virtually. And it is that the next free game from the store of the creators of Fortnite is nothing more and nothing less than PC Building Simulator. From this moment until next Thursday, October 14, you will have the opportunity to get it without paying a single euro and permanently. Later, it will be replaced by the next one, which has already been confirmed: it is Stubbs the Zombie in Rebel Without a Pulse. They will also offer a pack for Paladins.

In PC Building Simulator we will have to create our own empire of the “master race”. We will carry out simple diagnoses and repairs, but we will also have to attend to the orders and design authentic luxury works. “With an ever-expanding market filled with real-world components, you can finally stop dreaming of the ultimate PC – get out there, mount it, and see how it scores in 3DMark benchmarks!” Says the description. official.

When The Irregular Corporation released the pre-alpha demo, the success was instant. They got a total of 650,000 downloads. “It has been carefully developed as a complete simulator that allows you to build the PC of your dreams.” While you wait for the parts, how about practicing with the simulator and then putting it together yourself?


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