Paypal: See Online Stores That Accept The Payment Method


Paypal: In December 2021, PayPal started offering a coupon of R$ 50 for online purchases on several websites and services that accept the payment platform. Then, the company suspended the discount and withdrew the benefit from the accounts that had already redeemed the coupon. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end.

Last Monday (17), after receiving a notification from the São Paulo Consumer Protection and Defense Program (Procon-SP), PayPal began to return the R$ 50 coupon to users who had redeemed it in December previous year — the payment platform could be fined up to BRL 11 million if it did not solve the problem of the affected consumers.

“This amount will automatically be applied to your next eligible purchase when you complete a PayPal purchase,” the company said.

Fortunately, dozens of PayPal users have confirmed that the coupon is back in their wallets, which is why the company was even one of the most talked about topics on Twitter.

Check out some establishments that accept PayPal

And you, did you also receive the discount? If you have an offer on PayPal and still don’t know where to take advantage, discover here some stores, apps and services that accept payments via PayPal.


Nuuvem is a Brazilian online distributor of Steam-style PC electronic games. There, you can use PayPal to buy classic games, new releases and even options for consoles and mobile, such as services and gift cards for Nintendo, Xbox, PlayStation and Google Play Stores.

Xbox and Microsoft Store

In the Xbox store, consumers can choose games or subscribe to the Xbox Game Pass service. The platform also integrates with Microsoft’s e-commerce, which sells Microsoft 365 software subscriptions, the Office package and several applications from the official store.


Steam is possibly the most popular online game store around the world and offers thousands of games from popular and unknown franchises. PayPal can be used to pay for games and also buy gift cards.


At the Dell store, consumers can choose from notebooks, desktop PCs, monitors, projectors, and other technology devices. The company also sells accessories, from mice and keyboards to backpacks and protective cases.


The Chinese website Shein accepts PayPal! The online shopping platform is a kind of version of AliExpress for clothes, where you can buy several pieces for cheaper prices, but with an average shipping of 30 days.


Wish is an international website that offers different types of products, as well as AliExpress. The famous application also counts with PayPal among the payment options.


Rappi is a very popular delivery app around Brazil and the world, as it is available in eight countries. In it, it is possible to place orders from restaurants, supermarkets and other specialized stores, with PayPal being one of the payment options.

Uber and 99

Want to use PayPal credit for mobility? The Uber private ride service offers PayPal payment for rides and deliveries. In addition, competitor 99 Taxis also allows consumers to transact through the platform.

On the website it is possible to buy tickets for shows, theaters, cinemas and other attractions in activity in several cities in Brazil.


Airbnb is a platform that connects hosts with homes around the world and people who want to rent homes for a limited time. In recent years, the service has become a great option to replace hotels and other classic accommodations.


Udemy is a website that offers dozens of courses with expert instructors around the world. It has options for computer programming, gastronomy courses, among others. If you want to use PayPal credits for courses and education, the platform is a great choice.


Twitch is one of the most popular streaming platforms on the market. Users can use PayPal to buy Bits (virtual currency) and subscribe to channels, which helps content producers.


On Facebook, content creators, influencers and page owners can use PayPal to buy credits and sponsor posts and profiles.