PayPal launches card machine to help small businesses


Financial services company PayPal has announced a new card machine to help restaurants, bars and other businesses that are recovering amid the new coronavirus pandemic. This is iZettle Food & Drink, a point-of-sale device that even serves for remote transactions.

Payments can be made either by customers who have gone to the establishment for a meal or for orders for applications, including those who just sought delivery at the counter.

For purchases via delivery, the machine is capable of sending charges via text message (SMS), WhatsApp, email or social networks.

The application also includes a catalog of available products, a fast checkout service and personalized functions that are easy for a whole team to learn.


The iZettle Food & Drink point of sale machine will be launched in selected markets from September 30, 2020, with a focus on the UK. It will be three months of use without additional costs and, after the deadline, the monthly fee costs £ 29 (about R $ 205 in direct currency conversion) for each iOS device registered on the platform.

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