PayPal Expands Services In Ukraine To Help With Donations


PayPal: The payment company PayPal announced this Thursday (17) a series of measures and expansions of services for the Ukrainian public, which has been going through difficulties and risks for about twenty days, when Russia’s invasion of the country’s territory began.

Starting this week, PayPal account holders in Ukraine will be able to receive direct payments from others (such as friends and family) into their wallets and transfer those funds more quickly to Visa and Mastercard cards for everyday use.

In addition, the company temporarily cut fees for direct transfers to users in Ukraine or to those who send money to people who are in the country. The same was applied to sending money via Xoom, a service that belongs to PayPal itself — only taxes charged by the brands themselves remain in effect.

Running to help

Anyone who does not yet have an account on the platform and lives in Ukraine can quickly create a profile and, by confirming through personal data that you are in the country, make you “special” and able to have these benefits.

The information was confirmed both by the company and by the Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Digital Transformation of Ukraine, Mykhailo Fedorov.

The expansion of services is valid for transfers in several currencies, including the dollar and euro, and will initially last until the end of June 2022. On the other hand, PayPal announced earlier this month that it has limited transfer services in Russia.

Also to expand the sending of donations or carrying out fundraising campaigns, Ukraine has recently legalized the cryptocurrency sector in the country. These measures are also important as alternatives for banks and government financial institutions, which have already been and can still be targets of cyberattacks by agents of Russian origin.