PayPal Continues to Surprise the Cryptocurrency Industry


PayPal, which has been hostile to Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies for years, continues to make surprising moves in this regard. PayPal has begun to help many shops and sellers accept cryptocurrency payments, according to new information emerging in CNBC’s Squawk Box program.

In fact, the claim came from Sandi Bragar, the manager of the asset management giant Aspiriant. Bragar stated that PayPal is currently working with shops and vendors to accept cryptocurrencies.

PayPal Increases Gear In The Cryptocurrency Industry

The famous manager stated that as the use of digital currencies by the mainstream masses increases, what the giant firm has done can become more important. Stating that this makes the company’s shares more attractive in the eyes of investors, the manager emphasized that there is a “win-win” situation.

In fact, PayPal was on the agenda last June with rumors that it would launch its cryptocurrency-based trading service. The $ 208 billion giant company officially announced to the European Commission that it was interested in cryptocurrencies in the following days.

In addition to these, the payment giant has continued to hire blockchain engineers in the past months and has increased its interest in kBitcoin and altcoins. These positive steps of PayPal in this industry certainly promise a future.

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