Paypal Comes To Wallapop: How To Pay With Paypal In The App


Paypal: If you have ever visited eBay or the PlayStation PS Store, you will have seen the PayPal payment system, one of the most used on the Internet – 50% of eBayers were already using it in 2002, 14 years ago – and which allows you to pay on websites, as well as transferring money between users who have email. With elements of an electronic bank, PayPal acts as an intermediary between the seller and the user, certifying payments and collections and mediating if there are any problems.

PayPal is responsible for transferring the necessary amount of money, for which your card or checking account is not revealed at any time.

Paypal comes to Wallapop

This morning, Wallapop and PayPal announced a partnership to offer fast and secure payments when buying and selling on the second-hand platform. This collaboration will add PayPal to the payment options available in the app for Wallapop Envíos transactions, and is a further step in Wallapop’s plans to offer a first-rate experience to its community, while the e- experience evolves. platform intermediated commerce.

According to a study carried out by PayPal together with Ipsos2, during confinement 50% of Spaniards chose to use online payment services and a large number of millennials and young people of Generation Z (55%) stated that they prefer to pay with this type of services. During the test weeks in which PayPal was integrated into Wallapop, user transactions showed that they chose this payment option to purchase technology, sports or reading items.

You no longer have to enter your financial data

The collaboration between both companies allows Wallapop users to access payment benefits such as the convenience of not having to enter financial data when making the payment, and that this service also allows the use of PayPal’s “Buyer Protection”. This means that, if the buyer does not receive the purchased item or what they receive is very different from what was purchased, the digital payment platform will help the customer to obtain a refund of the full price of the item, in addition to the original shipping costs of the return.

How to pay with Paypal in Wallapop? Well, very simple: When you see an article that interests you, choose Wallapop Shipping, and the option to pay with Paypal will appear in the payment methods, along with others such as the credit card. Then you just have to log in to Paypal, authorize the payment and that’s it.