PayPal CEO Comments on Crypto Ecosystem: “It Will Change The Finance World!”


PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman shared his thoughts on cryptocurrencies. Expressing his positive thoughts about the crypto money ecosystem once again, PayPal CEO stated that cryptocurrencies can redefine the financial system.

“Cryptocurrency” Statement from PayPal CEO

Announcing that he invested in Bitcoin in 2019 and known to be a strict crypto money advocate, Daniel Schulman, in his last speech to the public, stated that cryptocurrencies can redefine the financial system. However, PayPal CEO Daniel Schulman said that the analysis and predictions for the possible price levels that the leading cryptocurrency Bitcoin may reach in the future are not of great importance.

Daniel Schulman stated that he found the discussions about the possible price levels of Bitcoin in the future unnecessary and that the benefits of the digital asset industry and its ability to positively affect the financial world should be the main focus:

“I am very excited about how crypto and digital ledger technology can impact the financial system going forward. I think the first thing most people generally think about is buying and selling cryptocurrencies or what the price of Bitcoin will be tomorrow. This is the least interesting part for me when it comes to digital currencies.”

PayPal’s Stablecoin Study

It has recently emerged that PayPal is in the process of developing a new stable cryptocurrency. In the statements made by PayPal, it was stated that there was no clear and concrete roadmap for the project, but the conditions were evaluated. Jose Fernandez da Ponte, Senior Vice President of Crypto and Digital Currencies at PayPal, emphasized the importance of regulations by stating that they are also in close communication with the regulators.