Payment approach: limit of transactions via NFC increased


If you use a credit or debit card, you have certainly encountered payments by approach on some machine, now they have just won an increase for transactions carried out via NFC through approval by the Brazilian Association of Credit Card and Services Companies.

With this change, the limit for payments for approximation without using a password rises from R $ 100 to R $ 200, which represents 80% of card transactions in Brazil according to the institution.

The last approved increase was in July 2020, where the limit rose from R $ 50 to R $ 100. Pedro Coutinho, president of the Association, explained the reason for the approval to Folha de S. Paulo:

We saw an important evolution in the market. Before, for example, not all devices accepted NFC, now we have a base of almost 100% of the equipment. The increase in this base and the incentive has allowed this exponential growth. The user experience is very simple with NFC and tends to show increasing volumes. With payment by proximity it is not necessary to open an application, read QR Code or anything like that. Just approach, pay and go.
In addition, Coutinho says that studies carried out by Abecs show that there were no major problems with the use of technology that allows the payer to carry out transactions without using a password after increasing the limit in July.

Transactions using contactless technology are growing more and more: between January and September 2020, R $ 22.7 billion were handled only through approximation payments, representing an increase of 478% compared to 2019. What should increase by adopting public transport services such as MetrĂ´ Rio, which added functionality in October 2020.

The new limit is valid for banking institutions now, but the increase for consumers depends on each bank, so you need to consult yours to find out if you can already make transactions of up to R $ 200 using your card, smartphone or accessory with technology NFC.


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