“Payday 3” Now Has a Steam Page, The Developers Say: “This is the year of Payday 3”


Payday 3 has an official steam page, and according to it, in 2023 the game has a “new criminal dawn”.

Software developers Overkill and Starbreeze Studio praised the brave new world for the third game in the series in a new video teaser on the game’s Steam page. The short clip shows fireworks being launched over the New York skyline, watched by four dark figures.

The video ends with the game’s logo showing, as well as adding to the Couples’ wish list. The official Payday 3 page on the gaming platform gives little new information about Payday 3, except for the general release date of 2023, a synopsis of the game and a warning about the content. Although overkill claims that “this is the year of reckoning 3”, we are now in 2023.

The synopsis of the game reads: “PAYDAY 3 is the long-awaited sequel to one of the most popular cooperative shooters of all time. Since the release of PAYDAY, players have reveled in the thrill of a perfectly planned and perfect robbery. That’s what makes Payday a high-octane collaborative first-person shooter that has no equal.

“The Payday gang,” “,”. A few years after the crew’s terror over Washington, D.C. ended, they are gathering again to deal with the threat that prompted them to abandon early retirement.”

The synopsis would seem to indicate that the original four members of the Payday Gang (Dallas, Chains, Wolf, and Hoxton) will return after Hoxton’s brief replacement by his brother Houston on Payday 2.

The video has already indicated that the action will take place in the New York City of the game, informing fans (via the Eurogamer website) that the game will feature the Big Apple “a lively, huge representation of the city.”

The developer said about the preliminary plot of the game: “One turning point: the media is now covering the gang, their exploits … and who knows what might come of it.”

The video added: “Meanwhile, the salary world has moved into the digital age, when software giants, cryptocurrencies, mass surveillance and the Darknet play a role in new gadgets, tasks and gang opportunities.”

Payday 3 is scheduled to be released in 2023 on Steam, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X and S Series.


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