Pay attention to these 3 coins of the Metaverse: interesting moves are expected!


The past week has been extremely difficult for the cryptocurrency market: most of the coins of the metaverse have fallen by 30-40% in the last seven days. In this article, we list the top three metaverse projects with a market capitalization of less than $27 million that are worth watching in May 2022.

Analyst Kyle Portman oversees these 3 coin projects of the metaverse

Star Atlas (ATLAS)

Star Atlas (ATLAS), the third in the list, is a space-themed metaverse project built on Solan. The game is currently in development. Its economy consists of two cryptocurrencies: POLIS and ATLAS. POLIS is a Star Atlas DAO management token. In turn, ATLAS allows users to buy NFT, interact with the metaverse.

POLIS and ATLAS are listed on most Solana markets such as Raydium and FTX, as well as on other centralized exchanges such as and Kraken.

High Street (HIGH)

The second place, Highstreet (HIGH), aims to create a metaverse incorporating NFT and DeFi trends to create a virtual experience with RPG support. Highstreet is similar to Star Atlas, but also includes the local NFT marketplace, which currently features only a few limited edition collectibles. The platform also allows users to purchase virtual real estate on the platform through “Initial Housing Offerings” (IHO).

Highstreet also includes a betting board that allows users to earn HIGH tokens. Users can also place NFT bets and earn DUCKS on the platform. Currently, HIGH supports Binance, LBank, PancakeSwap, MEXC, etc. are listed on exchanges.


First on the list is RedFox Labs (RFOX), launched in November 2020 and designed to provide a universal metaverse for rewards and game-oriented gamers. A key feature of RFOX is that it is a multi-chain object that feeds the ecosystem and technologies for the metaverse. WAX supports Ethereum and BNB blockchains.

According to the analyst, with a current market capitalization of $26.6 million, RFOX is extremely undervalued and is one of the projects of the metaverse that should be monitored in May 2022. RFOX is registered on KuCoin, and Uniswap.