Paulina Goto, devastated at her father’s departure


The protágonista of melodrama “Overcome fear”, Paulina Goto faces a difficult moment at the age of 29 after the irreparable loss of her father and dedicates emotional words to the one who was the great love in her life

The young actress Paulina Goto faces difficult days in the midst of the health crisis that is still being experienced in the world after it was revealed that her father lost his life.

Faced with the unfortunate news, the actress dedicated some emotional words to the one who was the great love and the most important person in her life: her dad.

Love, that’s what you were for me, our heart is full wrote the protagonist of “Overcome fear” along with several images that collect the good moments lived with one of the most special people in her life and whom she considered “her angel of the save “, her dad.
It was through her Instagram profile that the actress made the sad news known, dedicating the emotional publication to her late father.

The also protágonista of the telenovela, “A path towards the destiny”, Paulina Goto, also accompanied the images with some words on the part of her father, which she pointed out she will always carry in her heart.

The light and strength are within you, there is nothing in the world that you cannot achieve, you have to open your heart because love always forgives a heart that is wrong, because love gives you strength when your wings are broken , because love is hope, because love is what matters, love always saves you from a heart that no longer sings, “he wrote.

According to some reports, Mr. Eduardo Gómez Gerling, 57, lost his life after suffering a heart attack.

Likewise, it was known that the father of the actress and singer, would have left since last Monday, September 14 in the City of Támpico, the municipality where the histrionic lived his childhood and adolescence.

It was last Wednesday night when Paulina made the news known through his social networks through which he received messages of condolence and support from his friends and colleagues.

Pau, I send you all my love with all my heart. I had the pleasure of meeting him and he was always a being of light. I love u I’m very sorry, “wrote the actor and singer Mane de la Parra, who worked with Goto in the Televisa melodrama The Flight of Victory (2017).
One of those who was dismayed and sympathized with the actress’s feelings was the actor Polo Morín, who acted alongside her as her brother in the telenovela “My heart is yours”, the same that after knowing the difficult moment through which his friend and collaborator did not hesitate to extend her support,

I send you all my love, “the Mexican actor commented in his publication.

Likewise, other stars such as Natalia Téllez, Ariadne Diaz, and Fernanda Castillo also shared messages of encouragement for the actress and her family.

My baby, I am so sorry, I hug your heart, “Sherlyn wrote.
While for her part, actress Ana Brenda Contreras joined the messages of condolences

I’m really sorry Pau. A tight hug ”, wrote Ana Brenda Contreras.

It is worth mentioning that Paulina Goto was very close to her father, since they also shared many common tastes such as love for music, which is confirmed by several of the images that the artist has shared on various occasions on her social networks.

I love you forever, “he wrote in a post he shared in 2017.
In the same way, the artist thanked all of their support and empathy at such a difficult time for her and her family

Thank you all for your messages, your presence and all the expressions of affection for our family. “


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