Paul Walker May Return To Fast And Furious


Paul Walker may be back. Fast and Furious director Justin Lin talked about Paul Walker. Lin aims to bring the actor back with CGI in movies 10 and 11.

Justin Lin, who is the director of the 9th movie of the Fast and the Furious series and will also direct the 10th and 11th movies, talked about the character of Brian O’Conner, played by Paul Walker. The director stated that they are looking for ways to bring the character back.

Speaking to the website Cine POP, Lin said that they discussed the idea of ​​​​O’Conner’s return to the last two films and they were researching how to obtain the most reliable data with the CGI method.

Paul Walker is something we think about every day.

“Clearly, Paul and his character, Brian, represent the soul and heart of our ability to continue the series. This is something I really like. Bringing him back is something we think about every day.”

Emphasizing that the decision to keep the character alive in the universe was taken while he was away, Lin said, “I respect this decision. “I need to have confidence in what we hope to do in the end,” he said.

Paul Walker starred in all films except Tokyo Drift until his death in 2013 in the Fast and the Furious series that started in 2001. After his tragic death in 2013, the 7th film in the series was postponed to a later date. Later, director James Wan and Universal studios decided to include Walker in the movie to honor the actor. Paul Walker two brothers, Cody and Caleb Walker, played in the movie. Neither of them grinned in additional shots, thanks to their similarity to the actor.

We are familiar with the tactic planned to be used in movies from the Star Wars series. Because Carrie Fisher’s scenes in Rise of the Skywalker were combined with CGI with unprecedented footage from the previous movie.


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