Paul TikToker Reveals Party Ending in Disaster When House Catches Fire


A sex-reveal party goes viral on TikTok for all the wrong reasons after a pyrotechnic device malfunctioned, causing the house to almost burn down.

You might think that with all the wildfires caused by sex-disclosure parties, expectant parents would have an easier time with pyrotechnics. Alas, TikToker and her husband had to learn the hard way.

In a viral clip that spread across the platform, Brazilian couple Jenny Alarcon and Lucas Motta celebrated the disclosure of the sex of their future twins with a large fireworks display in the backyard.

When they stood in front of the giant letters meaning “children”, the car went off, releasing a cloud of pink smoke. However, the holiday was short-lived.

The Gender reveal went Viral on TikTok After the Explosion Went Wrong

In a split second, a lucky chance turned south when part of the backyard was set on fire and the fire spread to the house.

The letter “S” at the end of the word “children” was set on fire, and you can hear the audience panicking when the video suddenly ends.

Fortunately, they managed to take care of the situation: Alarcon explained that no one was injured, despite the “terrible” fire that caught everyone by surprise.

Since its publication, the video has gone viral on TikTok, gaining more than 4.4 million views in just four days.

Hopefully, this incident can serve as a warning to those who want to go all-in at their gender disclosure parties and not risk the things they love turning into a cloud of pink smoke.


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