Paul Rudd standing in the rain and distributing cookies


Once again Paul Rudd has proven to be an angel, as the Ant-Man protagonist handed out cookies despite the rain

As incredible as it may sound, Paul Rudd, who we all know for his starring role in Ant-Man, stood in the rain and handed out cookies to voters and he did it because he is a true angel on Earth.

Do you want one more reason to vote? Well, if you’re going to vote, then you might be standing in line and Paul Rudd is there to give you a cookie, literally to thank you for your civic duty.

Yes, Paul Rudd stood in the rain and handed out cookies to voters in Brooklyn at the Barclays Center and you can see it with the posts that Somagnews will present to you below.

Why did Paul Rudd give away cookies?

On the occasion of the presidential elections in the United States, Paul Rudd wanted to thank all the people who came to vote, and he could not find a better way to do so than to show up to give cookies, all this despite the rain.

People who came to vote and received a Paul Rudd cookie did not hesitate to take some pictures with the Ant-Man protagonist, which quickly flooded social networks.

They also praised the actor’s good taste for cookies, as they assured that they were from Milk Bar, in such a way that Paul Rudd has already been nicknamed the king of cookies, also, according to voters, once again the actor proved that he is truly a perfect being.

In conclusion, the protagonist of Ant-Man, Paul Rudd, is an extremely nice guy, he loves to watch people vote and has good taste in cookies, something that was highlighted on social networks.


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