Paul Rudd is going to fight Steve Martin in the third season of “Only murders in the Building” after a confusing finale


Below are spoilers for those who haven’t watched the entire second season of “Only Murders in the Building” yet, so be careful!

When the smoke finally cleared at the end of the Hulu movie, dear Emmy, “Only Murders in the Building”—and I really mean literally smoke, even if it came only from the fog generator in the theater— it turned out that Bunny Folger’s killer was Adina Verson’s fake assistant Poppy. . Fans have just found out that Poppy was actually Becky Barnes, the heroine of Cinda Canning’s podcast “Everything is Not OK in Oklahoma.” It was wild, fun and all that, but let’s not kid ourselves; The biggest shock in this episode was that MCU and Wet Hot American Summer veteran Paul Rudd were killed just minutes after his surprise introduction. But now we know that Rudd will indeed return in the third season!

It’s not often that an actor’s casting announcement becomes widely known after viewers have witnessed the death of a character, but that’s exactly how it was with “Only Murders in the Building” when Variety officially announced the casting of Paul Rudd for season 3. At the moment, it is unclear how often the “Ant-Man” star will appear in the third season of the comedy about mysterious murders, since he has not been officially marked as a permanent or recurring cast member. But even if it wasn’t much more than his appearance in the season two finale, it would still be worth it, because who would be a better choice for the role of Charles’ rival Steve Martin than one of Hollywood’s most charming… oozing celebrities?

Here ‘s how showrunner and co-creator John Hoffman explained the situation:

Paul Rudd, who made an auspicious entry into the world of our show at the end of season 2 as Ben Glenroy, is someone we clearly want to learn more about and see in our upcoming season 3, as he is the clear source of many upcoming events. questions and, as always with our show, many more twists!

Due to the fact that Paul Rudd did not have too long a debut scene in this inverted series, Paul Rudd quickly established himself as the arrogant and arrogant actor Ben Glenroy, who is (or was) the star of Oliver’s big and promising return to Broadway management. (And for what didn’t necessarily look like a Broadway-worthy project from the first seconds, if I can be as reasonable as Oliver.) Then it’s immediately confirmed that Ben and Charles apparently developed some kind of infuriating rivalry in the year following the arrests of Poppy/Becky and her the lover-accomplice of Detective Kreps.

As if it was already great to see various “Saturday Night Live” legends like Tina Fey and her comedy mastermind Steve Martin sharing the screen—not to mention SCTV icon Andrea Martin—I can’t wait to see more of frequent SNL host Paul Rudd in this universe. Moreover, he is not going to play the stereotypical roles of good guys, for which he is as well known as for his ageless appearance.

To this end, John Hoffman told TVLine that Rudd went against the type for his character “The Only Murders”, after previously considering the possibility that he would play him closer to his real personality, in the spirit of the appearance of Amy Schumer in the second season.

There was some consideration, and it was a funny thought. But it was also very nice [not to go down that path]. Paul is known not only as the keeper of the fountain of youth, but also as one of the nicest guys in his business. The idea of him “touching the hole”—the guy everyone has problems with—was really funny. He plays right in that line and I just like what he does. I can’t wait to see where we go with this.

Only “Murders in the Building” is available on a Hulu subscription, and fans will no doubt want to revisit the second season to find any clues and clues that were missed along the way. In anticipation of the release of season 3, presumably next year, go to our schedule of TV premieres for 2022 to find out what new and returning shows will appear before that.


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