Paul Pogba dad: a rare photo of his son unveiled!


Saturday, November 16, 2019 Paul Pogba unveiled the face of his son for the first time. For the birthday of his companion Maria Salaues he published several pictures. We explain to you!

It must be said that Paul Pogba is very discreet about his private life, and his family life. The footballer has long hidden the face of his son, but for the birthday of Maria Salaues he decided to make a small gap! On the first shots have seen the little family all matched, dressed a famous fashion designer at an improvised party!

“Happy birthday, my love ball, my baby mama, my life, may God always bless you and give you all the best in the world, the one I can trust. Wrote the young dad in legend of these clichés. Rare photos because we see the face of the little baby. We can also see a picture of his wife with her son during these first weeks. And a cliche of his companion ultra cannon, with a smile on his lips.

Indeed, it is very rare for the player to reveal pictures of his son. So these photos must have caused the joy of its 37.9 million Instagram subscribers! So much to tell you that fans are not deprived of comments. The last time Paul Pogba unveiled his son was when he responded to racist attacks on Instagram. Posing with her baby in arms in front of portraits of her dead father in May 2017 and Martin Luther King.

Maria Salaues and Paul Pogba welcomed their first child in January 2019. They have been together since the summer of 2017, and formalized their relationship last May. Since they keep showing themselves blooming on social networks! We are a fan of them ..