Paul McCartney asks not to eat meat as a birthday present


Paul McCartney asks not to eat meat as a birthday present. Former Beatle Paul McCartney turns 78 and as a birthday present he asks his followers to stop eating meat and go vegan.

British musician Paul McCartney turns 78 this Thursday, June 18, and as a birthday present he asked people to stop eating meat to protect the lives of animals.

Through a publication on the official site of PETA , the non-profit organization that fights for animal rights, the former Beatle recalled that 10 years have passed of the famous video ” Glass Walls “, which raises awareness about animal abuse in slaughterhouses, and expressed his birthday wish.

All I ever wanted for a birthday is peace on Earth, including animals. That is why this year I beg my fans to watch the video I presented for PETA, titled “Glass Walls,” he said.

He explained that the material, which has accumulated more than 20 million views, was named so because “if the slaughterhouses had glass walls, they would all be vegan.”

The video debuted exactly 10 years ago. Since then, the public has finally had a grasp of what’s going on within the meat industry, and demand for vegan food is booming. “

McCartney has become a strong advocate of veganism , denouncing the cruel conditions suffered by animals in slaughterhouses. His late wife Linda and daughter Stella joined the same cause.


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